Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

Historic Pullman Garden Club April, 2023 Minutes.

Present:  Andrew Bullen, Tracy Murray, Tony Dzik, Arlene Echols, Lynn Smith, Linda Bullen, Ben Stanley, Rebecca Conant, Susan James

President Andy Bullen called the Meeting to order at 7:05pm

The minutes of the March 1, 2023 meeting were read and approved.

Andy announced that Lisa Burback has agreed to chair the Garden Walk Committee, with a planning session scheduled when she is back in town. He also confirmed that Quinn Wermeling is now Membership Chair.

When the Taste of Pullman returns on July 15,  it was decided to staff a table there again, together with HPF.  More volunteers will be requested this year,  to allow for shorter shifts.

Ben is exploring the idea of a 3 or 5K FunRun for publicity and as a fundraiser, suggesting a September date TBD.

Transplanting hostas from Norma’s yard into shaded   areas in Gateway Garden was discussed,  planned for early May, when the plants emerge.

The Garden Club and Historic Pullman Empowerment Organization will apply for accreditation with ArbNet, initially using the trees and shrubs within the State Site already identified by the designer, Rob Reuland.  This plan was endorsed by Site Superintendant Levi Bray.  

Reminder of the Spring CleanUp, meeting at the National Park Visitor Center at 9:30 on April 15

Rebecca mentioned the need for volunteers at Railroad Days, May 20-21.

She also recommended a Field Trip to Garfield Park Conservatory for one of their monthly Tree ID Tours of their grounds

Meeting was adjourned at 7:48


Susan James, Vice President