Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

August 3, 2022

In attendance: Arlene Echols, Mike Shymanski, Norma Zarris, Melinda Moore, Lynn Smith, Sue James, Linda M. Bullen, Andy Bullen, Connie Lange, Rebecca Conant, Debbie Newman, Lorraine Brochu, Beverly Ash-Larson

The meeting convened at 7:00 pm at 614 E. 113th St.

Minutes of the July meeting were submitted in advance and approved.

Motion: to host the reception for the 2022 House Tour volunteer reception. m/s/p LS/BAL (NB: Norma suggested trying to balance sweet and savory donations.)

Discussion: SRW employees will be coming Aug. 12 to volunteer. We will concentrate on Gateway Gardens and will need supervisors, tarps for weeded areas, ways to remove plant waste, and mulch. Replanting of areas to be discussed at a later date, with aid of suggested plan by Linda Bullen’s sister, a professional landscaper. Motion: to budget up to $500 for Gateway Garden materials. m/s/p CL/LMB

Reuland lecture: the event was well attended by both members and non-members. His notes of plants on the Factory site will be posted on our website. Arlene suggested recording future lectures or posting slides/notes on our website.

Cultural Trail: Pullman Park is seen as part of this proposed trail, and National Park Conservation Alliance has requested our support for proposed redesign of the park (Reuland’s organization created a short and long-term plan). Motion: to suspend discussion of the redesign until September when copies of the plans will be available. m/s/p LCB/CL

ArbNet: Morton Arboretum and other organizations are seeking partners for neighborhood mini-arboretums. The requirements are 25 unique tree species that are publicly available at least one a year. Joining would provide access for grant opportunities and 10 trees (providing HPGC agrees to maintain them for first few years). Motion: to join ArbNet. m/s/p CL/LS. Motion: to request 10 trees from Morton Arboretum, 2 to be unique to Pullman. (NB: we have 23 different species now. Types, places to plant, and needed volunteers to be determined.) m/s/p NZ/MM

Discussion, Curb Appeal Redux. The group agreed this was a successful event and should be redone with more guides, smaller groups, and at a time with cooler temperatures next year.

Ad hoc Lecture committee: Rebecca, Tony (in absentia), and Sue J. volunteered. They will reschedule the soil expert, too.

HPGC resource manual: Andy has begun assembling literature from other organizations.

Fall bulb planting: Lynn offered to spearhead garden needs and costs, possibly seeking donations.

Discussion, The Allee: Did we receive confirmation from CPD acknowledging of our letter relinquishing our care of this property?

Discussion, Fulton Field: Are we finished with trying to maintain the raised beds?

Motion to adjourn at 8 p.m. m/s/p LMB/NZ


Lorraine Brochu, secretary