Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

June 7, 2023

Present: Arlene Echols, Anna Fillmore, Elizabeth Mishler, Melinda Moore, Sue James, Beverly Ash-Larson, Norma Zarris, Sue Schoephoester, Connie Lange, Karin Moreno, Nancy Johnson, Lisa Burback, Linda Bullen, Andy Bullen, Lorraine Brochu, Lynn Smith, Tony Dzik, Debbie Newman

The meeting convened at 7:03 pm at the Bullens’ home.

Minutes of the May 3 meeting were read and approved. m/s/p NZ/LMB

Treasurer’s report (DN): $7,637 balance with 43 members. Tax forms to be signed and submitted.

Garden Walk (Lisa): Scheduled for July 22, the walk has all gardens lined up. Elizabeth will reach out for volunteers soon so please be willing to join in the fun. Motion: to purchase 2 13×13’ pop-up tents for up to $150 each. m/s/p LCB/CL  (NB: Linda and Andy offered to purchase them.)

Taste of Pullman: On July 16, the Club will share a table with the HPF from 10-4 pm and will sell Walk tickets and t-shirts. Volunteers needed to sit at the table for a shift.

Hosta Palooza (AB): Is suspended until the Fall, but we can prepare the space in Gateway earlier. (Debbie noted that the Christie’s might be willing to help water the transplants.)

Work Days: June 8 at 6 pm at Gateway.

Pullman Gardening Manual (AB): Andy continues to compile resources useful to the Pullman area.

ArbNet (SJ/LS): Discussion: in light of losing members from the North and the state of the trees and shrubs on IDNR property, should we suspend our application? An impressive cadre of volunteers offered to meet at the factory site to reassess the specimens. Anna joined the committee.

Riding Lawn Mower Wagon (DN): We need a new home for the beast, housed by Jimmy Badali for some time. Norma and Connie will check on possible space in their own garages.

Citgo Station (NZ): Norma noted the bad conditions around the station; it was suggested this would be a good PCO discussion point.

Trees around Pullman School (AE): Arlene noted the professionally mulched trees around the school were anything but. Super Volunteer Roderick had redistributed mulch around a number of the trees but volunteers are requested to do so. We should also contact the contractor, Christie Webber.

Labor Day (LCB): Lorraine noted the parade and Eddie Fest would be here this year; did we wish to participate? Karin volunteered to serve as our representative on the committee planning the event.

Victorian Tea (DN): Debbie reported that the State approved holding the Tea in the Transfer Pit on the factory grounds, if we wished. Food would have to be catered, not home-made, and the best day would be Sunday of Labor Day. The general consensus was that these criteria did not best meet our needs.

Motion to adjourn at 8:14 pm m/s/p (LS/NJ).


Lorraine Brochu, secretary