Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

Historic Pullman Garden Club Meeting of July 6, 2022

Present: Sue James, Debbie Newman, Linda Bullen, Lynn Smith, Elizabeth Mishler, Arlene Echols, Victor Mendoza, Candy Mendez, Rebecca Conant, Lorraine Brochu, Crosby

The meeting convened at 7:10 pm in Gateway Garden.

Garden Walk: Consider – “where did you hear about this?” form for ticket seller to distribute; better distinction on ticket vs boutique sales; creating group package with other Pullman groups (i.e house tour); post signs at street corners; get food trucks or other food options for sale; provide VIP tours; promote Walk at as many community events as possible. Noted that despite the weather and low attendance, the post Walk party was a great membership/volunteer event. Estimated income: $581.30.

Gateway replanting: all encouraged to evaluate the garden and pass suggestions onto co-chairs Lynn Smith and Linda Bullen.

Work Day: SRW company has offered volunteers for Aug. 12. Members needed to direct them, probably in Gateway.

Fulton Field: Susan James will ask Morton Arboretum for suggestions on depleting the tick population, as this was a concern with some volunteers. We can also supply spray and gloves.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm. m/s/p unanimously


Lorraine Brochu, Secretary