Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

Historic Pullman Garden Club

May 4, 2022

Present: Beverly Ash-Larson, Andy Bullen, Norma Zarris, Debbie Newman, Sue James, Lorraine Brochu, Sue Schoephoester, Tony Dzik, Latrina Lee, Elizabeth Mishler, Linda Bullen, Rebecca Conant (guest)

The meeting was convened at 7:05 pm at 614 E 113th St.

The minutes were read and approved. m/s/p NZ/SS

Garden Walk (SJ): We have 3 confirmed gardens and 7 possible for the June 25th Walk. We have leads for most subcommittees and Pullman Arts Lofts will participate with a performance in Gateway.

Lecture (TD): the new title for Rob Reuland’s lecture is “Designing the Gardens at the Pullman National Monument.” It will be held July 24 at 2 pm in the Visitor Center classroom.

NPCA request (AB): Chicago Park District is accepting public input for park funding consideration and NPCA suggests we advocate for the proposed long and short-term designs created by Rob Reuland (see earlier minutes). We determined the club has yet to have a discussion on these plans and will consider them in the near future.

Garden cleanup for Railroad Days: May 5 meet at Gateway and May 12 focus on Pullman Park.

Gateway Park (SJ): Sue presented the findings from her discussion with a landscaper on possible ways to deal with maintaining the 160’ path:

replace with brick (@$2,000), with natural stone (@$3,000), with pavers ($5,000). The landscaper’s recommendation was to evaluate the utility of the path and consider removal, allowing the grass to grow. Sue will follow up with other landscapers.

Passion of Pullman Gardens: an email from Tracy Murray was forwarded to the club in search of volunteers.

Discussion, Langley Playlot: are we still responsible for the raised beds and should we renew or sever our stewardship for these beds from CPD.

Motion: to loan the large and small tents to Historic Pullman Foundation for use at Railroad Days. m/s/p DN/BAL

Motion to adjourn at 8:02 pm. m/s/p NZ/LB


Lorraine Brochu, Secretary