Minutes of the Historic Pullman Garden Club

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Historic Pullman Garden Club Membership Meeting 

October 4, .2023

Present: Beverly Ash-Larson, Lorraine C. Brochu, Andy Bullen, Lisa Burback, Rebecca Conant, Arlene Echols, Anna Fillmore, Debbie Newman, Lynn Smith, Norma Zarris, Mary Zehnder

The meeting convened at 7:05 pm at 614 E. 113th St.

The minutes of Sept. 6 were read approved. m/s/p AE/NZ.

House Tour reception (DN): Charcuterie trays and wine have been purchased and volunteers have been asked to bring a dish to share. Volunteers sought for cleanup and setup.

Keep America Beautiful: A grants ad hoc committee was formed to continue to look into funding opportunities from KAB and other organizations. Members consist of Lorraine, Andy, Debbie and Sue J. (In absentia). Others are welcome to join.

Mulch: The week of Oct. 23 was suggested for distribution and Andy offered to buy more mulch for the trees at Gateway if needed.

Garage move: The week of Oct. 23 was suggested for the move from our old rental to new, with a thorough floor cleaning needed in advance. Debbie will ask Mike, a resident, for the loan of his truck. Motion: to approve up to $150 for rental of a truck for moving club supplies to the new garage, if necessary. m/s/p AE/LS (Debbie offered to price a Garden Club parade sign at WGN Flags.)

Gateway Design ad hoc committee: Lisa, Lynn, Linda (in absentia) and Sue J. (In absentia) will look into revamping the garden. Others are welcome to join.

Work day: Thurs. Oct. 5 set as the last regularly scheduled day of the year.

Merchandise (LB): Lisa reported that Santos still has our logo. She will have them price 20 each of t-shirts and hoodies in sand and green (sizes S, M (30 of these), L-XXL) and look into bucket hats.

Motion to adjourn at 8 pm. m/s/p BAL/NZ

Lorraine Brochu, Secretary