Our Gardens

The HPGC maintains three gardens.

Gateway Garden

Southwest corner of 111th and Langley

This space of about 5 city lots was overgrown with weed trees and full of trash when we started making plans for it. The land belonged to the Pullman Bank, and they kindly leased it to us for $1.00 a year. We received a grant through the Chicago Botanic Garden for development, and had trees cut down, leaving the better specimens. Topsoil was brought in and the berm raised. Many trees and most of the shrubs were planted in the fall of 2001 and the curved seating was added at that time. The Bank paid for all the spring bulbs, which made a spectacular display. Over the next few years, we added annuals, perennials and ground cover. The land passed to Park National Bank, and subsequently US Bank. Eventually Pullman Garden Club acquired ownership in 2011, as a donation through Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives. We hope that this will be a peaceful oasis for the whole neighborhood to enjoy for many years.

Arcade Park

112th and St. Lawrence

This Chicago Park District property gave us our original name, Arcade Park Garden Club, as we took over maintenance of the center three flower beds, as well as the three beds in Pullman Park, across from the Hotel Florence. After some years, we assumed our present name of Historic Pullman Garden Club, when our goals expanded into other areas of the neighborhood.

The Rose Garden

South lawn of the Hotel Florence

The rose garden underwent renovation at the turn of our century. Eleven individual beds were re-established, and all of the rose bushes replaced except for two. The roses in the perimeter beds are Sevilana roses, which bloom spring through first frost and boast bright red hips through the winter. The roses in the interior beds are varieties or heirloom roses that were developed through the dates of George Pullman, 1831-1897. The herbs were added during the rejuvenation to provide a variety in color, scent and texture.